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We're sorry you're having problems. We've put together a list of common questions, and maybe it can help.

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Why can't I use RAW, Histogram or Focus Peaking? Why are buttons greyed out?

Unfortunately, due to hardware limitations, RAW and histogram are only available on iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, and iPhone SE. Focus peaking is only available on 6, 6S, 7, and SE.

While we have a warning in the the App Store description and screenshots, we understand it's easy to miss these things when you're on the go. If you feel disappointed, please reach out. We're happy to help with a refund.

Do you have portrait mode?

We love the portrait mode, too. Unfortunately, it's a software effect that Apple hasn't yet opened to outside developers. If we want it, we have to build it ourselves. We can't give a time frame for when that might happen.

Photos are blurry or out of focus.

If you load a RAW photo in the built-in iOS Photos app, it will appear lower resolution than if you had taken a JPEG. This is because the built-in Photos app does not load the full resolution RAW image, but a low resolution preview.

If you load your photo in an app that supports RAW, such as Snapseed, you'll see the full quality photo.

Photos don't load. I keep seeing "Fetch Error"

This is triggered by a rare bug in iOS; when we reproduced the bug, we found it affected all other camera apps we tested. For troubleshooting, we recommend:

We believe this bug is triggered when iCloud has trouble syncing photos. iOS gets confused, and can't find the photo you took a moment ago.

We have filed a bug report with Apple, and we are investigating a workaround for our next major update.

Can I use the volume button to take a photo?

We're right now working on volume-button capture. It didn't make it into Halide 1.0 because the common ways to build it require sketchy behavior that might get your app rejected by the App Store. But we're going to do it, when we can do it right!

How do I change the aperture?

The iPhone has fixed-aperture cameras. If you have an iPhone 7 Plus, the wide angle rear-camera is f/1.8, and the telephoto camera is f/2.8. As soon as an iPhone supports variable apertures, we'll support it in the app.

How do you zoom?

On the iPhone 7+, you can tap the "2x" to use the optical zoom. We don't support pinch-to-zoom on other iPhones.

We decided to omit pinch-to-zoom for a few reasons. The main problem is that it's just a software effect that throws out pixels. Many photographers prefer to crop the full image later in editing. Accidentally triggering pinch-to-zoom, and then losing pixels, would be very annoying.

Some people use pinch-to-zoom to help with focus. We've some really cool plans there. Stayed tuned!

Still need help?

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